Video Equipment for Sale

All items were used for professional videography
and are in excellent-mint condition•

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Bonga Dick Brewer XL1 XL1 Accessories/
Canon XL2 Included w/ XL2 Canon XL1 Included with XL1
Sony DCRtrv900/SPL Water Housing Nebtek 5inch Monitor for Canon XL Beachtek Canon Car Battery Charger
Nebtek 5in monitor Beachtek Sound System Car Battery Charger
Canon Dual Battery Charger Video Light Canon XL1.6 lens extender equalizer
Dual battery Charger Video Light Extender LightWave Wind Equalizer
Canon ZR-100 Remote tele-converter wide angle converter viosport helmet cam
ZR-1000 Remote Tele Converter Wide Angle Converter Helmet Cam
Tiffen Ultra Polaraizer Tiffen Ultra Circular Polaraizer Tiffen Haze 1 Tiffen Haze 2A
Tiffen Ultra Polarizer Tiffen Ultra Circular Polarizer Tiffen Haze 1 Tiffen Haze 2A
Tiffen Series 9 Polarizer Tiffen Haze 2A Tamron Polarizer Libec Tripodr
Tiffen Series 9 Polarizer Century Diopter
Wide Angle

Tamron 72mm
CPL Polarizer

Libec 2 Stage
Fluid Head Tripod
Canon Travel Case for XL1  
XL1 Case